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Online conference with Ignat Yakovich. Part 1.

In general, the first online conference with the drummer took place over three hours. We were able to cover only half of the conversation Ignat with fans, but still managed to find many unexpected facts about him as a talented musician and just an interesting person.

Still, online conference will be with you?

If all goes well, you probably will.

-How was zimushka? There is something to remember?

Yes there is, remember that. Evrofeest! And the cool winters. I do not like being cold!

-You say that it is not in Minsk now, and where? Where to go?

I went to my parents.

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Vladimir Karjakin: New arrangement of We are the heroes.

Vladimir Karjakin: On a new arrangement of We are the heroes. Tomorrow (3.13) arrives in Minsk on a famous Greek Dimitris Kontopoulos producer to record a new version of We Are The Heroes, which is created specially for the contest, taking into account all the specifics of this contest. Dimitris has extensive experience in the Eurovision Song Contest, among the most successful of his works, arranged songs for Helena Paparizou «Number One» – winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 and “Work Your Magic” Dima Koldun, the authorship of the songs for Ani Lorak “Shady Lady” and «This is our Night »Sakis Rouvas.
I can say that I’m very excited to tomorrow’s meeting, we are honored to work with a professional of such magnitude. And of course, we can not wait to hear the new vision of our song We Are The Heroes of Dimitris Kontopoulos.


Interview with Alex Kolchin on the road to Minsk

Today our guest is back – vocalist and guitarist Alex Kolchin. He this evening is going to Minsk. And decided to share with the editor of a fan club information about yourself and prepare for the Eurovision Song ContestAlex, how did you get into the group «Litesound»?

A.: It is worth to thank one very famous social networking site, as I met with the guys was there! I saw an excerpt clip “See you in Vegas” and wrote a comment under the video, just “respektnul” guys, because they rarely meet in the CIS is really good music of European format. The guys went to my page, listen to my songs, and then struck up a conversation. I met a kindred soul, as he write and sing in the same style as «Litesound». Now, perhaps, that we unite our forces and we will do joint work.

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Jacopo Massa flies to Minsk

Evening of March 6 beloved Jacopo mass arrives in Minsk. We managed to distract him from packing suitcases, and ask a few questions that Jacopo has kindly agreed to answer.

- Jacopo, as you were in a group Litesound?

J.: It’s a long story. I think it’s fate- What was the reaction when they learned that going to Eurovision?

J.: It was incredible. A “ofigenno” is not enough to describe. The incredible dream come true.

- Who is this year’s worthy to become the winner of Eurovision, except Litesound?

J.: I have not found other cool songs, except our own.

- How often do you come to Belarus? What do you like it here?

J.: I arrive in Belarus within the year many times. First arrived in 2006. This year is the second time. Tomorrow in Minsk! MIHCK LUBLU TEBYA BESKONECHNO I NAVSEGDA <3 *

- You are taking part in creating the video?

Ya Brothers Litesound not only great musicians, but also the amazing filmmakers! I participated in the creation of Solo Per Te.

- What would you like to tell your fans to Belarus?

J.: I want to say that together we – the dreamers, the believers, the winners and heroes. I hope to see everyone soon. You give us the most powerful energy on Earth. Thank you very much! Chao! LS ★ ♥ JM

- Thank you, Jacopo. I hope to talk again soon..




The night the interview with Vladimir Karjakin on the preparations for Eurovision 2012

That night a group of soloists Vladimir Litesound Karjakin shared with the editor Fan Site on some news for the contest. Attention fans offer a small night interview.

- Vladimir, tell us about the preparations for Eurovision 2012.

Q: We are busy almost around the clock: finalizing the arrangement, the song probably will sound a little differently, think of the clip, we are definitely going to shoot in the near future.

- The script has already been selected clip?

Q: I want to say thank you to everyone who sent in their versions of scenarios, there is a very good idea, but still did not have time to read. Personally, I think something epic, with a large scale, clip, which will reflect the essence of the song- You are busy. Is the time for sleep, rest?

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