Online conference with Ignat Yakovich. Part 1.

In general, the first online conference with the drummer took place over three hours. We were able to cover only half of the conversation Ignat with fans, but still managed to find many unexpected facts about him as a talented musician and just an interesting person.

Still, online conference will be with you?

If all goes well, you probably will.

-How was zimushka? There is something to remember?

Yes there is, remember that. Evrofeest! And the cool winters. I do not like being cold!

-You say that it is not in Minsk now, and where? Where to go?

I went to my parents.

-Did you have any klikuhi as a child?

Yes, of course, they were.

-What is your most frequently called friends / parents?

Hmmm, Ignaat. By name.

-What are the most vivid memories are connected with the school for years?

Well, school is cool at all, it was. It is necessary to drive the exhaust look.

-Who would like to become a child?

I’d be … Who should I? I do not know. Wanted to be a fireman!

-Who was your first love?

Oh, no. Her name was Kate.

-Was there a day in your life who would like to repeat the from and to?

Yes. Was. This is probably … maybe he still will. I do not know. Yes, but I would like.

-What kind of act you regret now?

Hmmm, there are a couple of actions. For example … I’m sorry. that the school ever had problems with teachers.

-Have seen some unusual phenomenon? If so, share with us.

Witness? Unusual phenomenon? Oh, we were given, by the way, the award at Eurofest. It was unusual, well, some time later.

-What is your favorite fruit?

I love to do all the fruits. Well, I guess, I would eat tangerines for a long time.

Black caviar, or red?

The Red.


I’m scared to order. What if they taste good. Do not even know. But somehow sure I’ll go. I’ll go with someone and take.

-So, tomorrow we go with you to try sushi.

No, I can not tomorrow.

The most-favorite holiday? What a gift to surprise the most, was the original?

My favorite holiday – Christmas. I was surprised most of all … I once was given a packet of mayonnaise and “Rolton.” Do not know what to do with him there. It was a year ago.

-In which country would like to live?

In Li … Libya. I do not know what country I would like to live.

-On what show would like to go?

I would like to go to Switchfoot. Concert of Switchfoot.

-What would you like to see from the window of your house?

Right now I have seen from the window of the stadium. And I wish I could see the car … would like to see, haha. Well, I do not know what I would like to see.

-What was the last SMS ka?

Take the phone. Open the message. Oh, I deleted it. I do not remember. Perhaps someone with a birthday congratulations. Or not? I do not know.

-What kind of limits your character around do not even know?

Do not guess? Well, many do not realize that I’m angry! No … well, many people think that I’m not smiling, never funny. This is not so! I smile, I’m funny! Probably! Haha!

-You are hot-tempered?


-Are you a romantic?

Yes. To some extent, yes.

-Do you have any phobias?

Uh, no, I did not notice.

-What do you usually ask for forgiveness?

Hmmm, I do not know. Complex issue.

You’re a misanthrope, or a philanthropist?

Oh, you know who they are? I can not just erudite?

-Are you touchy people?

No. I’m not touchy.

-Do you often change your mood?

No. It is always good.

-How do you feel about the criticism in his address?


-What you can lift the mood in the morning?

Pam-pam-pam. Well, if we have any concert in the morning I wake up in a good mood.

-Work or leisure?

Jobs. Nice work. For example, music. Or rest. I do not know. I’d rather play Litesound and everything will be cool!

-Where learned to speak in English?

Ooooh, in the school. A, and the university. As I have not learned, I do not know.

-Where have you studied and for whom?

I am still learning and this year, finishing University of Physical Culture.

A specialty of what you have?

I have a faculty of sports and martial arts. Department of handball. I will be master of sports and tourism. Uh, no, I’ll be a musician, then.

-What kind of musical instrument are you assotsiiruesh?

Ooh, flute. Hahaha, of course, the drum! What kind of questions?

-He studied at the music school or self taught?

I learned myself to play, and then just took private lessons on drums, went to the teacher for three years and everything.

-How many years doing music?

Drums – 8, and music in general, probably 13-14 years. In short, with a class.

-There is an ear for music? Do you know how to sing?

I do not know if I have an ear for music. I can sing, but I’m singing right now is the question.


Sing … Well, I’ll sing? I do not have a soundtrack. No, I can not sing without a soundtrack.

Then followed numerous requests to sing something.

* Laughs * Are you laughing at, or what? Want to laugh? Are you bored? No Nooo! It is possible, I would not sing today?

-Sing “Wearetheheroes”.

Nah, I can not sing. Ask Dima, so he’ll sing.

-Who has the most obnoxious members of the group, severe?

I do not know. I was all very comfortable. I do not know. I can not say from whom. Maybe I did not know them?

-What words in Russian Jacopo knows? Among them there are mats? Be honest.

Yes, someone has learned. He knows a couple of mats, haha.

-Do you know where Kobrin?

Yeah, I was there once every 3 o’clock in the morning. So I did not see its attractions. But we will soon have a concert in Kobrin. April 18th, if I’m not mistaken.

-We are waiting for you in Koboine!

Maybe in Kobrin? Hahaha. Well, wait.

A Jacopo be?

Of course it will!