Jacopo Massa flies to Minsk

Evening of March 6 beloved Jacopo mass arrives in Minsk. We managed to distract him from packing suitcases, and ask a few questions that Jacopo has kindly agreed to answer.

- Jacopo, as you were in a group Litesound?

J.: It’s a long story. I think it’s fate- What was the reaction when they learned that going to Eurovision?

J.: It was incredible. A “ofigenno” is not enough to describe. The incredible dream come true.

- Who is this year’s worthy to become the winner of Eurovision, except Litesound?

J.: I have not found other cool songs, except our own.

- How often do you come to Belarus? What do you like it here?

J.: I arrive in Belarus within the year many times. First arrived in 2006. This year is the second time. Tomorrow in Minsk! MIHCK LUBLU TEBYA BESKONECHNO I NAVSEGDA <3 *

- You are taking part in creating the video?

Ya Brothers Litesound not only great musicians, but also the amazing filmmakers! I participated in the creation of Solo Per Te.

- What would you like to tell your fans to Belarus?

J.: I want to say that together we – the dreamers, the believers, the winners and heroes. I hope to see everyone soon. You give us the most powerful energy on Earth. Thank you very much! Chao! LS ★ ♥ JM

- Thank you, Jacopo. I hope to talk again soon..