Interview with Alex Kolchin on the road to Minsk

Today our guest is back – vocalist and guitarist Alex Kolchin. He this evening is going to Minsk. And decided to share with the editor of a fan club information about yourself and prepare for the Eurovision Song ContestAlex, how did you get into the group «Litesound»?

A.: It is worth to thank one very famous social networking site, as I met with the guys was there! I saw an excerpt clip “See you in Vegas” and wrote a comment under the video, just “respektnul” guys, because they rarely meet in the CIS is really good music of European format. The guys went to my page, listen to my songs, and then struck up a conversation. I met a kindred soul, as he write and sing in the same style as «Litesound». Now, perhaps, that we unite our forces and we will do joint work.

What do you think how much change in the composition “We are the heroes”?

A: The very composition will remain unchanged. The song was made in the short term, and we’re in a hurry, did not have enough time to think about the arrangement. So now the song is subjected to a thorough sanding, a track should be done slowly and carefully, because “We are the heroes” go down in history.

You are going to Minsk to shoot video? What it will be (music video)?

A: We’re just going to discuss this issue. We each have their own thoughts about the clip, you need to assemble it all together. Now I myself wondering: what will be the video!

As a representative of Russia, what do you think who will go to Eurovision on your country?

A: From Russia this year, many applicants, and not very decent, with some of them knew personally, but for myself no one is isolated. Again, nice to see in this list Dima Bilan, who brought the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow a few years ago, but I would like to see in this year somebody else. How much can already be “tortured” Dima? He puffed twice for the country. Time will tell, moreover, did not wait long, soon everyone will know.

Which of the songs of other countries in the Eurovision Song Contest do you most like?

A.: I think my favorite of Belarus, without a doubt! But Ukraine this year will present a very good song and very charismatic and talented singer, so the second place I would give Ukraine.

How many times has increased interest in your person, when all have learned that you go to Eurovision?

A: I can not measure it in percentage terms, I’m better for a long time in show business, it’s my job, and many people are always interested me. I think I have just added more friends, many of them from Belarus. For those who love music «Litesound», I want to express gratitude for what they believed to the end in our victory and constantly maintained.

Do you have a group in the near future concerts are planned, and if so, when?
A. Yes, as soon as we have planned some concerts. We look forward to all our friends. Talked about that performance will be 7 and 8 of this month.

You will come to Belarus for a long time?

A.: No, unfortunately, in Moscow, a lot of work: you have to work with partners to promote and PR «Litesound». Many Russian newspapers have recently printed about the Eurofest and in particular the group «Litesound», activity was crazy, so everyone is waiting for news; need to notify the media about what is happening. Also, many radio stations have already “eager” to get song “We are the heroes”. Once complete the new arrangement, will need to immediately give the song in rotation. Same thing with the clip. In general, the work we are now very much, but we heroically coping with it!

Thank you very much for the interview, Alex!

Have a nice trip to Minsk.

We are all waiting for you!.