The night the interview with Vladimir Karjakin on the preparations for Eurovision 2012

That night a group of soloists Vladimir Litesound Karjakin shared with the editor Fan Site on some news for the contest. Attention fans offer a small night interview.

- Vladimir, tell us about the preparations for Eurovision 2012.

Q: We are busy almost around the clock: finalizing the arrangement, the song probably will sound a little differently, think of the clip, we are definitely going to shoot in the near future.

- The script has already been selected clip?

Q: I want to say thank you to everyone who sent in their versions of scenarios, there is a very good idea, but still did not have time to read. Personally, I think something epic, with a large scale, clip, which will reflect the essence of the song- You are busy. Is the time for sleep, rest?

Q: A lot of cases are solved simultaneously, so that almost can not find time to sleep.

- How did you spend today?

Q: We were interviewed via Skype several European media, working on a song, solved a lot of organizational issues. But sometimes all the rest is obtained, still today, Sunday. Afternoon time to visit the market of designer clothes and accessories – Central Fashion Market, a very interesting event, the opportunity to purchase exclusive items from the Belarusian designers. And now we are working again, though long past midnight.

- Thank you very much for the interview..