A Million Voices ( Cover by Litesound feat. Alex Kolchin )

On May 21, Eurovision 2012 contenders, Belarus’s own Litesound, released their new video for their cover of the song Million Voices, originally performed by Polina Gagarina of Russia at the most recent Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. Interestingly, Litesound’s vocalist Dmitry Karjakin competed in the popular Russian TV project “I Want [To Work With] Meladze”…


Jacopo Massa: It was a cool day but also very hard for us…

It was a cool day but also very hard for us… Don’t worry, we will fight until the end, that’s a promise! And also because we have the best support in the world. I wish you were everybody here in the astonishing Chrystal Hall. Have a good night, sweet kisses and warm hugs.   Tweet


We are the heroes(Final version)!

We are the heroes(Final version) please leave a comment   [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Tweet


Live video conference to mass media

Live video conference to mass media (you can get all the information from the group LITESOUND) Date of the conference is specified (the first week of April) Application for participation, you can send to the address merguriev@mail.ru LITESOUND, representatives of Belarus at Eurovision 2012 Litesound Live Tweet

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